Appetizers and Sides

Chips and Salsa-Gloria’s recipe using fire roasted tomatoes…our salsa is consistently delicious and chips fried to order!! $5.00

Chips and Guacamole-made to order fresh guac and chips $5.75

Salvadoran Pasteles-Three corn flour turnovers filled with pico de carne (ground beef and veggies) or pollo (chicken) served over a cabbage salad tossed in fresh lime! $8.50

Salvadoran Enchiladas-Three handmade crisped tortillas with your choice of:
-Pico de carne $8.50
-Pollo a la Plancha $8.50
-Veggies a la Plancha $7.50
…then topped with a cabbage salad tossed in fresh lime, queso duro, hardboiled egg and avocado!!

Platanos Fritos-fried plantains-$3.00 each

Yuca Frita-fried yuca served with a slow cooked chicharron sauce! $4.00

Side de Frijoles-soupie red beans topped with queso duro and cilantro! $1.99
Side de Arroz-side of rice $1.99

PUPUSAS (our signature):

A pupusa is a traditional handmade corn tortilla filled or stuffed with any number of ingredients and served with a spicy or mild curtido and salsa!!
Suggested serving size is 2-3 pupusas.

Loca– filled with chicharron (blended pork), chicken, beans veggies and cheese! $4.50

Revuelta-Filled with Chicharron, beans and cheese! $3.95 each

Chicken-shredded with mix veggies and cheese $3.95 each

Veggies and Cheese-fresh shredded veggies n cheese $3.65 each

Beans and Cheese-refried red beans $3.65 each

Jalapeno and Cheese$3.50each

Loroco and Cheese-$3.65 each

Queso-just cheese! $3.00 each

Vegan-meat and dairy free! $4.00each

Other Dishes

Tamales-A pocket of specially prepared corn masa filled with your choice of chicken, pork or veggies (depending on availability) wrapped in a plantain leaf and steamed! We also serve our tamales w/ spicy or mild curtido and salsa! $3.50 each

Yuca con Chicharron-chunks of fried pork shoulder served over yuca frita, and curtido with our signature yuca sauce on the side! $8.50

Carne Guisada-Salvadoran style stewed beef w/ vegetables, rice, ensalada and 2 handmade corn tortillas! $12.00

Pollo Guisado-Salvadoran style stewed chicken with vegetables, rice, ensalada and 2 handmade corn tortillas! $10.00


Veggie Tortilla Soup-slow cookied, creamy veggie soup topped with tortillas, cheese, cilantro and jalapenos! Cup-$4.00, bowl $5.50

Chicken Tortilla Soup-Topped with tortillas, cheese and cilantro! Cup $5.00 bowl $6.50

House Drinks:

Ensalada-fresh mango and pineapple juice with diced fruit! $3.00


Tamarindo Fresco-$3.00


Jarritos-$2.25, Bottle Coke $2.25, Can soda $1.25, Coco Juice $2.00, Sparkling Water $1.50, San Peligrino $1.50

For Dessert:

Tres Leches $4.00

Flan  $3.00



12 thoughts on “Menu

  1. The first “authentic” food I’ve had since moving from Arizona back to the area. I will definitely come back! Absolutely loved the veggies and cheese!

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